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Talent Acquisition � FRS helps you hire the right talent by providing the recruiting services you need.
  The key outcomes for your company are:
  • Identifying and pre-qualifying candidates so that you only spend time with the best candidates.
  • Controlling your recruiting dollars because we are variable and a fraction of the cost of other outsourced alternatives
  This is accomplished by using one or a combination of the following services:
Recruitment Process Outsourced

  • Includes all of the tasks to attract and pre-qualify candidates.
Sourcing Services

  • Pipeline Development
  • Passive Candidate Searches
  • Direct Sourcing
  • Sourcing your ATS
Candidate Assessment Services

  • Resume Review
  • Phone Screens - In-depth
  • Assessment Tests
  • Reference Checks
Standardization & Streamlining Services

  • Opening & closing all job requisitions within your ATS
  • Managing all candidate contact for you
  • Keeping potential candidates “warm”
  • Managing the Employee Referral Process


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