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The Financial Mission

Flexible Recruiting Solutions helps companies increase their return on investment by providing the right resources at the right time for the right price.

Given the realities of today�s fluctuating economy, the importance of converting non-core fixed costs into variable costs through the use of outsourced functions has become increasingly important. When you work with FRS you gain a flexible workload partner who provides you with the “just in time” recruiting services you need to maintain the optimal level of operational effectiveness without incurring unwanted fixed costs. We take this same financial responsible approach with our talent retention programs.

Specifically, outsourcing with FRS will:

Reduce the time spent with unqualified candidates.
Increase the quality of new hires.
Reduce both fixed and variable costs.
Reduce turnover.
Provide more extensive insight as to how your employees view all aspects of the company.
Provide objective data which will be analyzed to achieve stronger hires and better retention.


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