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The Business Mission

Flexible Recruiting Solutions provides clients with a high quality and cost effective outsourced recruiting process and talent retention solutions that result in quality hires and will monitor the pulse of your talent. This is all accomplished while providing a strong return on investment and allowing your internal resources to focus on the strategic, high-impact aspects of their jobs.

In today�s business environment companies are making more systematic evaluations of their non-core business practices and wherever possible, converting fixed costs into variable costs for these non-core practices. FRS has the expertise and experience to help you do this for your recruitment and retention programs. We accomplish this through a number of programs and services, which you can adapt in order to achieve your specific recruitment needs, at any given point in time.

We then go further and assist you in on-boarding and consistently evaluating and analyzing the climate within your organization.

Superior Resources
Effectiveness, consistency, and a “hands on” working relationship with clients are the keys our programs. All of our FRS professionals have extensive hiring and retention experience and will work directly with you on each of your projects.

Reduced Costs
FRS provides the resources when and where you need them and we do this at a price that is typically much less than contractors and agencies. Your return on “dollars spent” will increase when you work with us.

Total Flexibility
FRS provides you with professional support whenever you need it and for as long as you need it. We can provide you with the resources and services that you need to get the job done.


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