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Flexible Recruiting Solutions (FRS) works from a modified Recruitment Process Outsourced (RPO) model. We define our success as helping you make your recruiting and retention program successful.

For more than a decade, FRS has helped many companies make thousands of great hires. Beyond this, we are always looking to assist companies in stabilizing and optimizing their talent pool, we believe that companies need to continually work with employees throughout their tenure. Therefore, we have expanded our offerings and developed services in on-boarding, employee engagement, and exit interviewing.

These Talent Acquisition & Retention Services can be provided separately or in a system-based model which we refer to as Strategic Talent and Retention Services (STARS TM)

Talent Acquisition Services

FRS assists companies in making great hiring decisions and effectively eliminating one of the most frustrating parts of the selection process � spending time with unqualified or unsuitable candidates.

We use our multilevel sourcing and pre-qualifying capabilities to provide you with the best candidates possible. We identify and evaluate candidates to ensure that their level of education, training, cultural fit, and prior work experience is what is required to fill the open position(s).

Having us focus on the sourcing, pre-qualifying, operational, and administrative components of the selection process you are able to focus more of your internal resources on the strategic, high-impact aspects of the overall process.

Our services range from conducting passive database and networking site searches for appropriate resumes to the management of a complete recruitment project where all recruitment work is handled by FRS in partnership with your internal recruiter�s and/or hiring managers.

The investment in FRS services are based on the work required and totals a fraction of the cost of other outsourced alternatives. (more)

Strategic Talent and Retention Services (STARS TM)

As mentioned above, our services go beyond the normal recruitment offerings. For a company to be truly effect, it must attract and retain great talent. To do this, you need to on-board new team members in a meaningful way: you need to keep your hand on the pulse of your team members; you need to understand why they are satisfied and if not, what needs to be addressed; and you need to understand why team members have left for other opportunities. All of this information is then used in identifying and evaluating new hires who are well aligned with the company.

The key to our company is flexibility: you can use one of these services, a combination of them, or all four. You decide what you need at the time. If you do decide to use all four, FRS has developed a closed-loop strategy that provides our clients with the ability and tools to accomplish these objectives. The model enables clients to implement a comprehensive approach to derive four important outcomes:

Hire employees who have the highest probability of success in your organization.
Assure optimal performance from employees.
Obtain and analyze objective data gathered by an independent third party regarding employees' views.
Insure employees are fulfilled and engaged.



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