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The Service Mission

Flexible Recruiting Solutions is an outsource partner of choice for many companies. We focus on sourcing and pre-qualifying the best candidates for a position and then consistently evaluate and analyze current talent in relation to the company and their perception of the corporate environment. We accomplish this through the use of high quality, cost-effective programs which provide a higher return on invested recruitment dollars.

Our service has been described as “high touch”, “insightful”, and “a great value”.

All FRS team members are experienced professionals who have customer satisfaction as their highest priority. When you engage FRS, we assume full responsibility for each of the functions you want to outsource, freeing you to focus on your core objectives.

FRS has a number of standardized programs which are priced on a flat rate per job / per location basis or an hourly basis, whichever makes more sense for you, the client.

Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

Assist in your hiring process, wherever needed.
Assist in on-boarding new employees to assure a high level of success.
Understand the strengths and areas of improvement perceived by your talent.
Gather objective information from exit interviews and analyze it for trends.
Tie all this information together to make for a stronger and more on-target talent pool of current employees.


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