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Flexible Recruiting Solutions has worked with clients from start-ups to $6 billion dollar companies across a wide range of industries. The reason we are successful across such a broad range is that all FRS personnel have mid and senior level line management experience across many industries.

High Tech (Software, Hardware, IT)
Our client base includes companies whose products are enterprise level software systems, integrated circuits, capital equipment, a combination of hardware and software, and outsourced technical support.

Clients include hard goods and soft goods retailers and wholesalers in the fashion, crafts, and motorcycle industries.

Our clients are both in the process and discrete industries.

Client�s products have ranged from carbon black to cosmetics.

Medical clients have ranged from hospitals, to speciality treatment centers, to travelling nurses, penal system doctors, skilled nursing facilities, and rehab.

Defense Industry
Our clients in this industry have encompassed those who consult, train, develop systems, and provide overseas support to various foreign governments.

FRS has provided systems and evaluation processes for drivers and brokers within this industry.

Food Services & Event Planning
Restaurants and high end event planning companies have used FRS services to target top talent.


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